Live The Life You Want By Learning To Love Yourself

Our traditional beliefs tell us that only outside of Heaven is learning essential, so that we may one day get there.

Based on the past and present projections of others, learning to love yourself perpetrated as lessons about ourselves, we form a belief system based on presumptions instead of true knowledge. Can you see the world as presumptuous much of the time, where it thinks it is knowledgeable?

A Course in Miracles states, “The body is outside you, and but seems to surround you, shutting you off from others and keeping you apart from them, and them from you.”

Learning to love yourself more today than yesterday certainly will open your mind to wonderful things. To know yourself in this way is how you live the life you want To be yourself and realizing your inner gifts makes you feel on top of the world.

Live the life you want

Consider learning to love yourself and our state of mind outside of Heaven, which is where our projections of this world are made. We see these man-made laws prevailing inside our idea of Heaven, based on what the “separate wholes” of the ego mind project as their beliefs.

These disparate beliefs are argumentative and fragmented, unable to portray an accurate picture of this realm of paradise.

You may believe you must try to know yourself, or just be yourself, and begin learning to love yourself or find what it is you truly are, rather than merely being it.

This is the universal law that opens doors for you, perhaps the career you want and the financial stability. Your relationships become exciting and positive, and the not-so-good ones seem to fade away.

Exciting and positive

There is nothing that can oppose total oneness, when oneness is the natural Law of the Kingdom of Heaven. God not only created It, but He also creates by It.

A Course in Miracles further states, “You can stretch out you hand and reach to Heaven. You whose hand is joined with your brother’s have begun to reach beyond the body, but not outside yourself, to reach your shared Identity together.”

This form of universal law, which constitutes oneness, does not need to be adapted to fit circumstances such as learning to love yourself, because oneness is only certain and has no circumstances to contend with.

This is real universal law.

There are no beliefs inside of Heaven, where certainty is all that exists.

To extend is to create, and when we create we communicate by being who we truly are, and to be yourself involves operating within the wholeness of which we are.

In the certainty of true wholeness, God and His entire Family know that you extend what you are.