Learning To Love Yourself Is A Must For Happiness

In today’s hectic world, we may find it difficult to take time for our own needs. Our thoughts are geared toward taking care of our loved ones and making them happy. Sadly, children are seldom taught that in order to love others we must first learn to love our self. In fact, to love yourself, some would argue, is an exercise in narcissism or selfishness.

Many of us have parents or grandparents who lived through the Great Depression. Those times were harsh, and basic survival was the biggest wish most people had. Indeed, during a depression it would seem selfish to think of yourself as requiring love, too. However, loving yourself is about the most basic needs of humans, and they are things that, luckily, do not cost money. However, there is a fine line between love and being emotionally needy.

Realizing our own worth as a part of humanity, and that every human is born equal, is the first step. Next, we should accept ourselves as a distinct being that we are in charge of nourishing, just as we are drawn to do when we see any neglected child. It seems odd, perhaps, to think of our inner child as a real being that looks to us for their care, but it can become a habit, and eventually, it comes naturally.

One common theme that many people express is that they know that they are their own worst critic. Even once the individual realizes the pitfall it’s still hard to overcome, and they may set themselves up for failure. The process of ensuring failure is sometimes due to low self-esteem, which began in childhood.

This happens for a multitude of reasons, but a common one is due to an overabundance of negative discipline from their parents. If parents do not build the child’s ego, then the child enters adulthood already at a disadvantage when compared to people who come from nurturing families.

Additionally, when people feel the urge to cause themselves to fail, they also seek relationships with unsuitable partners in an effort to sabotage themselves in love. It’s a vicious cycle for many people, until they learn that they must love themselves and the reasons why. More than a few folks have retreated for a year or more to find their true self. Later, after they establish a loving relationship with their inner being and become best friends with themselves, they have a completely new zest for life as well as for others.

Once people have a joyous relationship with themselves, taking a few extra moments throughout the day to stop and smell the roses becomes a necessity. It shows that you regard yourself as important enough to treat with kid gloves, so that you can thrive without aid from anyone else. Now life is more than just bearable — it is becoming an exciting adventure!

For those who are lucky enough to realize their infinite worth, it is supremely important to pass a healthy self-appreciating ego to their children. In the scheme of things, this greatly affects the future of our earth and humanity. People who love themselves will find it easy to love others and to seek peace rather than war. As best-selling author, Louise Hay, reminds us — we are all beloved children of the universe, and the universe lovingly takes care of us.